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Trusted Delray Beach Family Law Attorney Delivers Dedicated Support

Caring Florida divorce lawyer guides families through challenging times

Even in the best situations, family matters such as divorce and custody tend to be emotionally charged, and the people involved can become hurt, angry and confused. At Miller Morse Law PLLC in Delray Beach, Florida, we understand the complex financial, legal and personal dynamics of family law. When you choose us as your legal representation, we will guide you toward realistic goals that are designed not deplete your bank accounts or emotional resources. Our firm holds the respect of the Palm Beach County courts and community.

Proven family law firm is committed to personal service

At Miller Morse, we are dedicated to guiding you through the legal system while adhering to the highest standards of individualized service. From your initial consultation to the final resolution of your case, you can expect:

  • An attorney focused on family law — Attorney Jennifer Miller-Morse’s skills and extensive understanding of family law empower her to provide solutions that may be missed by less experienced lawyers.
  • A disciplined, hardworking philosophy — As a graduate of a top-tier law school and a Fulbright Scholar, Jennifer Miller-Morse’s rigorous academic background sets her apart. When you are struggling with a family legal matter, you can have confidence that she will draw on her problem-solving skills and attention to detail to protect your rights.
  • Client-centric services — We believe that a client must be fully involved and informed throughout the legal process. We do not pursue legal action unless there is a full discussion with our client.
  • Care and guidance — Family issues are difficult for everyone involved. When you’re facing a decision that will affect you and your family for many years to come, you can count on us to be your trusted confidante and advocate.

Our firm is communicative and responsive, addressing each case with the perspective that comes from knowledge and experience.

Experienced Delray Beach divorce lawyer represents clients during marital and custody conflicts

At Miller Morse, our singular focus is family law. Our firm represents South Florida residents in a full range of related issues:

  • Divorce The timeline, cost and emotional toll of a divorce are often directly related to how easily spouses are able to agree on terms for ending the marriage. We aim to make the dissolution of marriage process as efficient and stress-free as possible. We also assist with post-divorce planning so that estate plans and other financial documents are updated appropriately.
  • Child custody Florida uses the term “time-sharing” rather than custody to refer to where a child will live and who will have legal authority over the child’s welfare following divorce or separation. Whether you seek sole or joint custody, we will represent your interests and advocate for your children’s well-being.
  • Child support While child support is often paid by noncustodial parents, each parent has a financial responsibility to provide for their children. Our firm works to obtain fair child support orders based on an accurate accounting of each parent’s finances and the child’s needs.
  • Alimony — We assist those seeking alimony, or spousal support, as well as those being asked to provide it. We also help clients to petition for modifications of alimony or child support when changed circumstances warrant it.
  • Asset division Married couples who divorce in Florida should expect to divide marital property and debts equitably, with a number of factors determining what constitutes a fair share for each spouse. We push for full financial disclosure and negotiate equitable distribution agreements.
  • Marital agreements Whether you are planning to marry, already married or preparing to separate, a well-drafted marital agreement can lay out the terms for each partner’s rights and responsibilities in the event the relationship ends. Our office handles prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and separation agreements.

Along with our extensive experience handling family law cases, we also represent clients who seek to appeal verdicts handed down at trial. When you hire Miller Morse Law, you can rely on us to pursue a resolution that satisfies your needs and helps you move forward with confidence in the future.

Contact an established Delray Beach family law firm to schedule your consultation

At Miller Morse Law PLLC, we help Palm Beach County individuals establish strong and favorable terms for divorce, support, custody and other legal matters. To schedule a consultation with our Florida family law firm, call our office in Delray Beach at 561-422-4832 or contact us online.


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