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How Can I Make Changes in My Parenting Plan?

During the divorce, couples with children formulate a parenting plan as part of a divorce agreement. The parenting plan includes the details of how residency and time-sharing are to be divided, as well as the particulars of managing and sharing the various responsibilities and developmental needs of children. When might modification be in order? As […]

How Should Parenting Time Be Divided?

Children face physical and emotional upheaval when their parents divorce. Even in the most peaceful of separations, the previously unified home of a child becomes divided when parents split up. In order to preserve the mental and physical well-being of children of divorce, Florida law holds the best interest of the child as the core […]

When Divorced Parents Disagree on Medical Decisions

Parents who are raising children together often find they disagree on critical decisions regarding the lives and health of their kids. When these parents divorce, they must find creative solutions for preserving their child’s best interest and keeping the channels of communication open. When a child’s health and well-being are at issue, this process can […]

Supervised Visitation in Florida

When a parents’ separation or divorce is complicated by a history of physical or sexual abuse, intimate partner violence or substance abuse, the family court might order supervised visitation between a child and parent. The Clearinghouse on Supervised Visitation, funded by Florida’s Department of Children and Families, serves as a source of information, training and […]

Stepparent Adoption

In this age of blended families, Florida law allows stepparents to legally adopt their partner’s children in a fairly simple procedure. In most cases, this type of adoption can be completed in four months to a year. If you think stepparent adoption might be right for your family, there are some things you may need […]

Do Grandparents Have the Right to Visitation?

The right of grandparents to visit their grandchildren, without regard to the relationship of the grandparents to the children’s parents, has made a number of appearances in Florida courts over the last few years. In recent news, the mother of Michelle Parker, missing since November 2011, received news that the Florida House civil justice committee […]

Flying Between Parents — Unaccompanied Minors and Air Travel

Time-sharing arrangements can sometimes include air travel for children who have divorced parents that live a significant distance from one another. As flying becomes increasingly convenient, children who fly frequently with their parents can easily become accustomed to flying alone or with siblings. If your parenting plan includes sending your child to your ex by […]

Making Virtual Visitation Part of Your Parenting Plan

In 2012, the State of Florida became one of six states to introduce legislature regarding virtual visitation, i.e., the creative use of modern tools of technology to enhance parenting time in cases of separation and divorce. According to the amended statute, a court can order electronic communication between a parent and child as part of […]

Not Flying Solo

At first glance, it may seem like a Hollywood script. You recently got divorced and believe you can start fresh by changing your scenery. Perhaps you are planning a long trip to an exotic locale. Maybe you are relocating cross-country for a new job or romance. However, unlike the protagonist in Eat, Pray, Love, you […]

Creative Custody/Time Sharing Solutions

One of the most sensitive topics raised during a divorce is the question of which parent is entrusted with raising the children. In the past, the courts awarded custody to one parent and visitation rights to the other. However, in 2008 the concept of custody was eliminated and replaced with time-sharing. This means that the […]


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