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Creative Custody/Time Sharing Solutions

One of the most sensitive topics raised during a divorce is the question of which parent is entrusted with raising the children. In the past, the courts awarded custody to one parent and visitation rights to the other.

However, in 2008 the concept of custody was eliminated and replaced with time-sharing. This means that the court no longer awards parents with the titles of primary and secondary care giver. The court no longer automatically prefers one parent over another.

Today the court creates or approves time sharing arrangements based on shared parenting plans. When deciding whether to approve a parenting plan, the court prefers the best interests of the child over any other consideration.

Parenting plans can be extremely simple or very detailed, based on the best interests of the child and the unique needs of every family.

When parents live near each other

For instance, parents with a regular work week may want to agree on a simple plan where they have the kids with them on alternate weeks. This is relatively straightforward, though it is important to make sure special arrangements are made for holidays and school vacations.

Other families may be better suited to a 3-3-4-4 split. In this arrangement, the child spends three days with one parent and then three with the other, followed by four with one parent and four with the other. In this way no week goes by without the child seeing both parents, and each parent gets the children every other Saturday.

Obviously, when parents live too far apart for the child to stay at each house and still attend school, other arrangements can be made.

No matter how difficult a divorce may be, it is important not to allow the anger and hurt to affect our ability to understand what is best for our children.

Protect your parenting rights, including time with your child. Seek an experienced Boca child custody attorney who can help you find creative solutions to your family’s particular challenges before agreeing to any form of time-sharing arrangement.

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