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Dating After Divorce

Once your divorce is final, you might want to start dating. There is an abundance of advice available on this topic, often less than useful, so be wary. Most divorce attorneys would agree that it is inadvisable to date until your divorce has been finalized, at the very minimum. After that, you’ll know when you’re ready to try again.

It can be scary out there, so here are some things to think about while testing the waters of the dating pool:

  • Beware of scam artists — There are highly skilled agents of fraud trawling the internet for victims every day. If someone looks too good to be true, they might be. Take plenty of time to get acquainted with your date before divulging any private information. Ask questions, speak to personal references and perform a Google search. Never give money to an individual for investment purposes. If you’re not sure they are for real, walk away.
  • Avoid date rape — Sexual predators can look perfectly polite on dates. Protect yourself from assault by never riding in the car of someone you just met. Do not agree to meet in an isolated place. Decline alcoholic drinks on the first date. If you’re not an easy victim, a predator will look elsewhere.
  • Stop a stalker — Stalking is defined as persistent unwanted attention in the form of physical presence, text, or email messaging and other invasions of privacy. If a date turns into an uninvited nuisance, ask them to go away. Document the unwanted behavior as well as your request that it stop. If it persists, contact the police.
  • Protect your privacy — Never give out personal information, including your address or home phone number until you are sure you trust your date.
  • Beware of your ex — Your foray into the word of dating might set off your ex. If your ex-spouse invades your privacy or threatens you in any way, speak to your attorney immediately.

Stalking, threats and other types of harassment are illegal. If someone you are dating makes you uncomfortable, listen to your instinct and get help. A family attorney can assist you in filing for a restraining order should that become necessary.

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