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How Do You Find a Divorce Attorney?

When ending your marriage, choosing a divorce attorney can be one of the most important decisions you make. The type of lawyer you hire sets the tone for the entire divorce proceeding and directly affects the outcome of your divorce settlement.

Different lawyers have diverse approaches to trying a divorce case. When going through a divorce, it may be tempting to want your day in court to air your grievances against your spouse. Certain lawyers use this natural emotion to recommend an overly aggressive approach to your case.

However, starting your divorce with an aggressive tone usually harms your chances to reach any form of settlement and only serves the interests of the lawyers who benefit from long, drawn out court proceedings. Therefore if a lawyer seems overly eager to take an aggressive stance and neglects to take into account the effects of a contentious divorce on your children, you are better off searching for a more compassionate lawyer.

Another type of lawyer to avoid is one who is happy to hike up your bills, but when the time comes to do real work — in the courtroom or in mediation — is suddenly unavailable.

Lawyers can have various qualifications and can promise all kinds of results. But the first and best indicators of who is a good lawyer for you are recommendations from peers and previous clients.

It is important to choose a lawyer who is available to discuss the particulars of your case and to understand what the proper approach to your case should be.

Lastly, when going through a divorce you have to confide personal information and intimate details about your life to your lawyer. It is important to meet with your divorce lawyer before retaining his/her services to make sure you are comfortable confiding in him or her and you trust that your best interests come first.

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