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How to Get Divorced in Florida

Florida has a number of ways for a couple to dissolve their marriage. The method the couple successfully employs depends largely on their ability to tackle the issues involved in separating their lives from one another.  If you are considering divorce and are uncertain which method is right for you and your spouse, speak with a divorce attorney. Regardless of the method you choose in the end, it is important that you retain your own attorney so your interests are protected.

Which method is right for you?

Simple Dissolution of Marriage

If you have no children, do not own property together and do not have any shared income or assets, a simple dissolution of marriage might be right for you. Florida law allows a simple no-fault, uncontested divorce for couples who have resided in the state for at least six months and are able to agree to all terms of separation.


Divorce mediation might be a great solution for you if you and your spouse have a very high level of cooperation and can maintain respectful and productive dialogue. If you agree on the essential decisions — child support, division of assets and parenting — a third-party mediator can assist you in creating an agreement that is acceptable to the court. If mediation breaks down, you both need to hire representation. The mediator is not allowed to represent either of you in litigation.

Collaborative divorce

The newest trend in divorce has gained popularity rapidly as it requires cooperation by the partners and negotiation by the attorneys. Both spouses and their respective attorneys sit together to work out an agreement. If the collaborative process fails, both attorneys must excuse themselves from representation.


Court proceedings can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming. If you and your spouse are not able to communicate with one another and are not able to work towards an acceptable agreement, the attorneys advocate for your positions and a judge ultimately decides the outcome.

A skilled and experienced divorce attorney can fight for your rights and protect your interests in your divorce. Finding the right attorney now is an investment in your post-divorce future.

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