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Caring Delray Beach Family Lawyer Advocates for You and Your Children

Accomplished Florida family law attorney guides clients through domestic legal concerns

We are proud that residents of Palm Beach County and nearby areas of Florida choose Miller Morse Law PLLC for sound, informed guidance when family changes and disagreements become family law matters. When negotiating divorce settlements and time-sharing schedules, our Delray Beach firm works to help parents put aside their differences and find common ground for providing for their children. Clients involved in protracted disputes that require court hearings and litigation can rely on our passionate and meticulous representation. Our mission is always to obtain settlements and court decisions that enable those we represent to move forward and their children to grow up in a healthy, stable environment.

Established Palm Beach County law firm helps local families find solutions

Attorney Jennifer Miller-Morse works one on one with each client to understand their needs and goals for their family as well as what challenges may stand in the way of obtaining the desired outcome. We build cases to emphasize our clients’ rights and abilities in regard to:

  • Child support Individually covering the expenses of raising a child can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Florida law dictates that both parents are responsible for contributing to the costs of their child’s life necessities, such as shelter, food and education. Whether you are seeking financial help from your child’s other parent or you need guidance about your financial obligations, we are prepared to help. Our office has successfully resolved many child support.
  • Child custody Custody orders determine each parent’s rights to make decisions about their child’s life and also establish rules for where a child will live and how much time he or she will spend with each parent. We help clients develop parenting plans and negotiate time-sharing agreements while seeking the type of child custody arrangement that will serve their child’s best interests.

Our firm advises parents grappling with a range of related issues, such as those when paternity is in question, when parents live in different states and when children have special needs.

Skillful litigator helps with court order modification petitions and appeals

Court orders intended to serve the best interests of a child can sometimes miss the mark, or an order that once worked well for a family may no longer do so because circumstances have substantially changed. Fortunately, there are legal options for changing court orders through a petition to the court. Our firm handles:

  • Modifications Modifications to custody and support orders may be possible when there has been a substantial, material and unanticipated change in the family’s circumstances from the time the initial order was issued. Relocation of one parent or a change in parental income or health may justify the need for a modification.
  • Appeals A judge’s mistake or misunderstanding of a family’s circumstances can have devastating consequences, resulting in arrangements that could be harmful to everyone involved. We appeal family court verdicts that result from a misinterpretation or misapplication of the law or that were based on inaccurate evidence.

To build strong cases, we collect evidence and conduct independent investigations to discover information that may help us pursue the outcome you seek. You can trust Jennifer Miller-Morse to be a persistent and powerful advocate in court and during negotiations and mediation.

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Legal disagreements that jeopardize your family’s way of life should be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. At Miller Morse Law PLLC, we focus entirely on family law. To schedule a consultation, call our Delray Beach, Florida office at 561-422-4832 or contact us online. We represent individuals in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas.


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