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Unfortunately, your case does not always end with your final divorce judgment.

Sometimes you need to go back to court to enforce your court order because your ex-spouse stops paying all of the alimony or child support you are owed… or your ex-spouse refuses to return your kids to you when it is your turn to have them… or your ex violates the court’s order in some other respect.

Miller Morse Law can help you enforce your court order and get the money or timesharing you should have gotten, plus your expenses of having to go back to court.

Sometimes circumstances change and you need to go back to court to modify your divorce decree. Perhaps you lost your job and can’t afford to make the alimony and/or child support payments you are supposed to pay. Or one of your children has developed special needs and the parenting plan no longer meets their needs.

Miller Morse Law can help you modify your court order as a result of your substantial change in circumstances.

At Miller Morse Law, we stand by you even after your case is over. You don’t have to take our word, just read our testimonials and reviews:


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