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Seven Tips for Establishing Financial Security After Divorce

You’re getting divorced, and you have never had to support yourself. There is no time like the present to start figuring it out. The decisions you make now regarding your financial situation can make or break your future security. Take a proactive approach with your finances so you feel in control and know exactly where […]

Do I Need a Restraining Order?

When a separation or divorce becomes volatile with the potential for a violent confrontation, you might need a restraining order. A restraining order prohibits the person who is threatening you or your children from approaching or contacting you. What can a restraining order do? If someone is threatening you with physical harm, you can ask […]

How Do I Keep My Assets Separate in a Divorce?

Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that during a divorce all the couple’s assets are divided in a fair manner. Division of assets only applies to shared assets (marital property). Some couples own property or maintain accounts separately that are not subject to division in a divorce. If you own assets that you […]

Making Changes After Divorce

There is an old saying: if you want to change your fate, change your name, your profession and your location. If you are going through a divorce your fate has already begun to change.  As long as change is in the air, here are a few other things you can change in the process: Your […]

Dating After Divorce

Once your divorce is final, you might want to start dating. There is an abundance of advice available on this topic, often less than useful, so be wary. Most divorce attorneys would agree that it is inadvisable to date until your divorce has been finalized, at the very minimum. After that, you’ll know when you’re […]

How Do You Avoid Damaging Your Credit?

The decision to get divorced can place intense strain on the emotional and financial health of your family. Divorce can potentially damage your credit. Property can be divided pursuant to a divorce agreement, but joint debts may remain. Sometimes, an ex-spouse takes out credit on the other’s name. Your creditors are not obligated to abide […]

Will Alimony Change if New Laws Go into Effect?

On February 14, 2013 a proposal to amend Florida’s alimony laws passed in the Florida House Civil Justice subcommittee. It still has a long way to go before becoming law, although some pundits are certain some version of the bill will be enacted. The proposed bill would provide new criteria for determining alimony, allow for […]


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